Hi, I’m Sarah


I’ve spent the last 14 years teaching, facilitating and coaching all over the world; building a life full of activities that make me feel alive.

In essence I am a thought leader, coach and creative entrepreneur.

But as a true ‘Carouseller’ (someone who thrives on living a varied life) I’m also a pricing coach, pianist, learning designer, songwriter, composer, writer, qualified secondary school languages teacher and podcaster.

Working across so many sectors has given me a huge breadth of experiences, a seriously diverse network and an ability to cross-pollinate ideas and skills into every context.

My weird and wonderful mix of experiences has led to the following accolades…


  •     I delivered a TEDx in 2018 offering a more human approach to Quitting.
  •    I’m a keynote speaker for Google and a regular facilitator on their Design Sprints and Executive labs, brought in for my creativity and human approach.
  •    I’ve designed two original Coaching frameworks: The Quitting Quadrant® and Carousel™, which are being shared in workshops all over the world from Singapore, to New Zealand and Google Zurich.
  •    I’ve taught 1000s to feel more confident taking ambitious creative risks through my business Power of Uke. This includes 320 Emerging Leaders at PwC, Junior Bankers at AIB and an entire conference hall of UX Designers.
    •    I’m part of the Greenpeace at Glasto team and compered and DJed for thousands of people there in 2019.
    •    I designed and ran a 4 month holistic business accelerator for Female Founders, sponsored by JP Morgan and Hatch Enterprise.
    •    I ran a sell-out monthly comedy night Rye Laughs for 6 years with headline acts such as James Acaster, Sara Pascoe and Aisling Bea.
    •    I’ve had 3 viral comedy videos: about Tax Returns, GDPR and dating during the pandemic.
    •    I have created a ‘’CoMOONity’’ of nearly 100 people, offering a gentle, non-judgemental space to sit with inquiries of the moment every new and full moon.


    ➊ I am a teacher at heart, starting my career as a classroom teacher through the Teach First scheme, then training teachers in Austria, and now weaving learning into everything I do.

    ➋ I am most alive when I am playing music – whether that’s harmonising and jamming 90s medleys at my Day of Musical Joy, writing comedy songs to perform at Rye Laughs, or DJing at Glastonbury this is my ultimate flow state and it will be woven into our work together.

     ➌  I feel things deeply – if you’re a highly sensitive creative like me, you may have been told to ‘feel things less’. My sensitivity helps me manage the energy of a group in a workshop, and give nuanced support to my coaching clients. I’ll also help you see your sensitivity as a superpower too.

     ➍ I am a super-connector – My brain is a database of everyone I’ve ever met, and my varied career means that is a big international cross-section of society. People regularly come to me to ask ‘do you know someone who…’ (and I usually do) I love linking you up with people and making the world feel a little smaller. 

    ➎ I am a hispanophile – I LOVE speaking Spanish. I studied it at Cambridge and consequently have lived in Spain (Seville) and many South American countries (Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina) over the years. I took 6 weeks off in 2017 to walk the Camino del Norte, and also was awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship in 2013 to research Traditional Colombian Music, which turned into my first business.

    Creative bites

    My decade in drawings. Medium article.